So this is part of my current obsession with all things that happened between the wars which is manifesting itself mostly in book form over here. It is also part of my admiring Stephen Fry thing as this was his first (and possibly only so far) directorial outing into which he seems to have roped the best part of the British acting establishment for a version of Evelyn Waugh’s Vile Bodies (which I think I may have somewhere but pretty sure I haven’t read it; or I could be getting confused with A Handful of Dust).

So it’s all about the exploits of said bright young things and covers all the stuff you might expect – celebrity, parties, scandal, gossip, drink, drugs, living for today, marrying for money rather than love, fabulous clothes and war on the horizon.

Lots of things to love about this:

  • the lovely Fenella Woolgar as Agatha; she’s fabulous in everything she’s done including an appearance in Dr Who as Agatha Christie;
  • Michael Sheen with waved hair and eyeliner camping it up vaguely tragically;
  • David Tennant in a dodgy ‘tache with lots of sentences starting “Look here old chap” and accusing the hero of not being a gentleman
  • James McAvoy as impoverished aristocrat turned gossip columnist with unfortunate consequences
  • Dan Aykroyd as newspaper owning colonial lord; not enough of him on the screen these days, he is still one of my absolute favourites.

Only quibble with the film was the vague sense of time. By that I mean lots of the scenes felt very 1920s but suddenly there we were in WWII, but perhaps it was just me not paying attention (has been known).

Still huge fun and extremely enjoyable in a watching wealthy people suffer sort of way.