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So, it appears that I have a new favourite film. Well, when I say favourite I am clearly setting aside my actual absolutely favourite films: The Nightmare Before Christmas and The Big Chill, and possibly Rear Window as my top three but if we’re talking top five then the other two spots can legitimately move around, I think.

So going back to my first sentence, and in an attempt at greater accuracy and not getting too carried away, it appears that I have a new addition to my top five films.

Worth saying that I read the Julie part of the story in her book of the blog and really enjoyed it, so had a sneaky suspicion that I would like the film as well. And although Amy Adams and her cat and her apartment with its tiny kitchen and her lovely ruffled husband and her great plan to cook all of these dishes was smashing, I was of course totally swept away by the Julia side of the story. And this was entirely due to the combination of Meryl Streep and Stanley Tucci.

Now, I have loved Meryl for a very long time. I remember the first film I saw her in was Julia ( a great film with a fabulous cast, must get a copy, haven’t watched it in years), but it was The Deer Hunter and Kramer vs Kramer and The French Lieutenant’s Woman which made me a fan.

And Stanley, well the first series of Murder One where he played the creepy Richard Cross did it for me, and since then I’ve tried (and admittedly failed) to see all of his stuff.

They made such a convincing pair, I really saw them as a couple who adored each other; the setting in Paris was wonderful, the clothes looked great and Meryl-as-Julia was fabulous. I’m not sure it’s a great film, I’m not sure what (if anything) it was trying to say but I thought it was just lovely and it made me feel good for the rest of the evening.

Will be watched again I’m sure.