This is the one that sees two former companions reunited at the Doctor’s funeral. But is he really dead (well what do you think, given the hype around the much-anticipated Christmas special?)?

So UNIT turn up at SJ’s and tell her the Doctor is dead and that they are arranging the funeral to be held in a secret installation within Mount Snowdon. Despite being convinced that she would feel it if something happened to him SJ plays along because she wants to know what’s really going on. So she and the youngsters the to funeral where she meets up with the companion before her, Jo Grant, who feels exactly the same way, and with the teenagers doing all the legwork they start to investigate.

And young Matt Smith turns up as is traditional at the end of part one, we get some lovely flashbacks to Pertwee, Baker and Tennant and the mystery is solved with doctor-type ingenuity, some mild peril to the youngsters, a small blue alien, the inventive use of a lead-lined coffin and quite a decent explosion.

Everyone hugs and the Doctor heads back to Amy and Rory. Good fun.