It wouldn’t be Christmas without seeing at least one version of Dickens “A Christmas Carol” and this year I chose to ignore the abomination that is the colourised Alistair Sim version, and the less than appealing Kelsey Grammer musical one, and stick with an old favourite which always makes me smile – Bill Murray in Scrooged.

Story very much as per usual but set in the world of TV production in the late 1980s. Cue shoulder pads, excess of all kinds and very bad hair.

I don’t know why I enjoy this film so much. There’s a lot that is predictable and hammy in it, the slapstick is pretty heavy-handed, likewise many of the jokes but for some reason it makes me giggle every time I see it. And after all it has many things to commend it:

  • Karen Allen looking freckly and adorable
  • Bill Murray with a mullet
  • John Forsythe and Robert Mitchum.

And it has Carol Kane as a violent Christmas Spirit.  

If I believed in such a thing as guilty pleasures then this would definitely be one of them.