A very quick recap of  a Christmas Day tradition, the watching of the Dr Who Christmas Special, this year much touted as the first proper Matt Smith one and a re-telling of the Dickens favourite “A Christmas Carol”.

Well, sort of.

As in, yes, basic themes of the story still there, grumpy old geezer loathes Christmas, is visited by those who would seek to show him the error of his ways and redemption is achieved before it is too late.

So much so Dickens.

But of course this version has a Time Lord, a flying shark, a frozen plot device in the guise of a Welsh soprano, two companions stuck on an about-to-crash spaceship, and lots of timey-wimeyness.

It was fabulous.

Wouldn’t have missed it for the world and will need to make time to watch it again at some point.

And the bestest bit of all was the trailer for the 2011 series proper. Area 51 (probably). More River Song (my heroine). And the Doctor in a Stetson (“Stetsons are cool”).

Can hardly wait.