Boxing Day and another opportunity (the third this holiday) to visit the world of A Christmas Carol. This time via the motion capture version from the hands of Robert Zemeckis.

This was a Christmas gift given to the Book God and hadn’t been top of my list as I’ve never been entirely convinced by previous films produced using this technique – The Polar Express was just creepy and Beowulf, though better, still didn’t look right. This, however, was a step up though I still don’t think they ever get people’s mouths to look convincing.

Anyhow, despite the misgivings above and my love/hate relationship with Jim Carrey this actually turned out to be a fairly traditional and rather well done version of the story. Lots of well-known British actors popping up in a range of roles, nice Victorian setting, set pieces clearly designed for the 3D version but pretty good all the same. And a nice warm glow at the end. Carrey’s performance as Scrooge seemed very much based on the great Alistair Sim, but if you are going to emulate someone you can do much worse than that.

All in all more enjoyable than I expected and a possible staple for future Christmas celebrations.