Well, this is just wonderful. Lots and lots has already been written about it by people more articulate about film than I am, but I still think it’s worth saying a few words simply because it’s such a phenomenon.

So as no doubt everyone now knows, it’s all about King George VI before and after ascending the throne and how he deals with the speech impediment which makes it difficult for him to engage with his subjects.

It was a lovely cinema-going experience – no noisy teenagers, not much inappropriate food-chomping, hardly any checking of mobile devices, just lots of people enjoying a well-written and beautifully acted film.


  • Colin Firth was excellent in managing to capture the essence of a person to whom he didn’t really bear much of a resemblance
  • Really first class supporting cast – who thought Anthony Andrews could ever be Baldwin? And unlike some others I didn’t mind Timothy Spall as Churchill
  • Looks beautiful

But of course the main attraction for me was Helen Bonham-Carter as the Queen Mother (God bless you Ma’am) who was such a fixture in British public life for so long. H B-C was not only great at playing such an iconic figure but she looked superb.

This is just such a great film, it deserves every award it gets and I had a little cry at the end. Very satisfying and straight on the DVD to buy list.