So to set the scene, I allowed myself to have a day off and was lucky enough to pick a gorgeous sunny spring day to potter around the house and basically chill.

And of course the only thing to do on a day like that is to curl up on the sofa with a glass of wine and a scary movie.


Paranormal Activity is one of those pseudo-documentary movies that is meant to be found footage a la Blair Witch. In this set up a young couple is experiencing what appears to be paranormal activity in their home and decide to try to capture some of it on film via their video camera, including recording stuff while they sleep, despite being warned not to meddle with what appears to be real and malevolent.

What to say about it? Well, I thought it was really well done but had guessed the end within the first ten minutes, though to be fair that didn’t spoil the film for me at all, it was still fun to see how it actually played out and, of course, whether my guess was actually right. The acting is good, the setting is realistic and the frights are understated and well done.


It actually wasn’t that scary.

Now, you’re going to say that of course it wasn’t frightening given everything I said at the beginning about the setting in which I watched it, but I present to you the fact that I watched The Blair Witch Project in very similar circumstances and that totally freaked me out. This was fun and creepy but not really much more frightening than a decent episode of the X-Files. It may be better seen in a crowded cinema where it is a collective experience.

So, not at all bad but not the great modern horror movie that some have said. Which seems a bit downbeat, but I did enjoy it quite a lot, honestly, so if you fancy this sort of thing you should give it a shot.