What can I say? I love this film. I’m not entirely sure how many times I’ve watched bits of it while surfing through the satellite movie channels but every time I come across it, no matter how far into the film it is, I have to watch it until the end. So when I had a spare Sunday afternoon to myself, I decided to sit down and have a proper revisit to try and work out why it has become one of my favourites.

And I’m still not entirely sure, but have decided I don’t care.

I like the handheld style which works if you can accept the carry on filming premise. I like the characters, I like the fact that the authorities really don’t know what they’re dealing with and it shows, I like the fact that none of the characters are too important to die and I love, love, love the monster itself, particularly the idea that it might only be a baby.

And I really like the fact that the film simply doesn’t outstay its welcome.

There’s the whole “would someone really keep filming while going through all that stuff?” question which I reckon I may be too old to relate to but having been at a rock concert this week and been slightly distracted by someone making a phone call while the band were still on stage, and the number of people clearly tweeting and posting to Facebook, the answer is almost certainly “yes, they would keep on filming”.

I will definitely keep re-watching this, my favourite monster movie.