I feel very guilty. I went to see this movie ages ago and have meant to post about it, but got caught up in other things. But I do really want to say what I think because Source Code is definitely one of my favourite movies of the year so far and it will take a lot to shift it from my Top 5.

So Jake Gyllenhaal (for it is he) wakes up on a train in a body that isn’t his with a woman he doesn’t know but who clearly knows him, and as is just beginning to try to process all of this the train blows up. And he wakes up again to a soothing voice and discovers that he is part of an investigation into the train attack. he is repeatedly sent back into the same body for the same 8 minutes with the mission to find out who the bad guy is and prevent a second attack. But he realises that he wants to save the girl (and all the others on the train too) and as Dr Who would say at that point it all goes a bit timey-wimey.

I had really high hopes for this being a huge fan of Duncan Jones’ previous film Moon (see here) and it didn’t disappoint. Real proper intelligent science fiction directed by someone who understands and loves the genre and isn’t afraid to put a bit of heart into his story. Gyllenhaal and Michelle Monaghan are excellent but my favourite character has to that played by Vera Farmiga, who connects with Jake and ultimately helps him resolve his situation (not wanting to get too spoilery here).

The twist isn’t really a twist and the fact that I kind of worked out where it was going really didn’t detract from the story. I felt really engaged, had a bit of a cry at the obvious places and found the whole thing emotionally very satisfying. Good discussion with the Book God over dinner rounded off a great film-going experience.

Has gone straight onto my DVD must-buy list and is highly recommended.