So, wedding anniversary, let’s go and do something romantic, a movie and dinner, sounds fabulous. All agreed with the Book God, and I get to pick the movie. So, do I look for romantic comedy? Nope, I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of romantic comedies I have *enjoyed*.

What is the alternative?

How about a really, really big bloke with an enormous hammer?


So off we trot to the local multiplex to see Thor, which I have been dying to see for ages. Lots of good reasons for going:

  • serious Norse goddage courtesy of big bloke with hammer, lots of not quite so big blokes with swords, and Sir Anthony Hopkins in a gold eyepatch
  • Natalie Portman plays the earthly love interest, and I have a soft spot for Natalie, and she gets to play a proper scientist and not a simpering girly fool so good stuff
  • supporting cast of actorly talent, a lot of them British it has to be said, and why not?
  • directed by *Sir* Kenneth Branagh (and I love him; I even liked Kenneth Branagh’s Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, surely one of the longest mainstream film titles ever)

Plus Thor is Silvery Dude’s favourite Marvel superhero and as he is currently holidaying in France with wife and children it meant I would get to see it before him (hah!).

There was one big negative point though – I could only see it in 3D. Now I have mentioned here before my problems with 3D, not least the fact that wearing glasses over glasses often gives me a headache, diminishing enjoyment of film even before we get to the almost certain pointlessness of 3D as a thing in itself….

However, I persevered and was rewarded. I really thought that I wasn’t going to like this film, I thought it was a pretty messy and slow start but something happened about 15 to 20 minutes in and I was totally won over. I liked the guy who played Loki. I loved Chris Hemsworth. The plot made sense, more or less, and the stuff on Earth was fun and charming rather than annoying. Idris Elba looked cool in a gold helmet wielding a big sword. And finally, the ice giants were cool (literally).

Add to that the glimpses into the wider Marvel universe (Hawkeye anyone?) and the sneaky bit at the end after the credits for those with patience and this turned out to be really, really great fun.

Although if I’m being truly honest, the most exciting thing of all was the trailer for Captain America; that really looks awesome!