When this first came out most of the reviews were pretty meh, you know, it’s OK but it’s no Toy Story etc. And I kind of ignored it at the time even though I usually enjoy this sort of thing and the teaser trailers with the minions had looked good and all that stuff, but it went into the “maybe watch on telly at some point list” along with Over the Hedge Open Season which Silvery Dude assures me has one of the very rare uses of the word “bahookie” in modern cinema (and which he thought was a made-up word until he heard me use it in conversation). [Updated as Silvery Dude pointed out (gently) that I had confused my cuddly animal animations beginning with O]

But I digress.

So this had been off the radar until we watched 9 (reviewed here) and they ran a coming soon trailer which ended up with a fat American kid deflating a fake pyramid erected because the original had been stolen, and the Book God and I both giggled and wondered where the clip had come from.

Despicable Me was purchased the very next day.

And we watched it the following Saturday and fell in love with it. So Gru is a failing supervillain whose desire to get hold of a shrink ray to help him steal the moon leads him to take in three orphan sisters. And you can absolutely see where this is going to end up, cuteness, redemption and so on.

But it was done really nicely, the jokes were amusing, the kids were cute without being mawkish and the minions were really, really cool. I particularly liked the fact they had ordinary names like Stan.

It was so sweet and cuddlesome that it s on the list for our feel good film to watch on New Year’s Eve.

I recommended it to Silvery Dude for his boys (aged 6, 4 and not quite 3) to watch and although the youngest thought that the dog was a bit scary at first, it was apparently enjoyed by all. And what more can you ask than that?