Well, I think this was a very fitting end to the whole Harry Potter saga on film, and ran on very neatly from the Deathly Hallows Part 1 which I reviewed here. Sadly no special screenings or Harry lookalikes this time round, but still a really enjoyable cinema going experience.

Possibly even darker than part 1, this brought satisfying closure to Harry’s story, where he found out exactly what Snape was all about (and Alan Rickman was brilliant I thought) and how Dumbledore was more manipulative than we all thought (though to be honest, people who rise to that level of success often are), and the friendship with Ron and Hermione was true to the end.

Stand-outs for me this time round:

  • Helena Bonham-Carter once again (though there wasn’t nearly enough of her) an early scene where she is impersonated by Hermione was really very good indeed;
  • The glory that was Neville Longbottom, wielding a sword as if born to it;
  • Alan Rickman as mentioned above

I was impressed with how the deaths of some major characters were handled; the deaths them selves weren’t portrayed but the consequences of them were, the grief, loss and anguish all adding to Harry’s guilt and sense of responsibility. And of course the big showdown with Voldemort, though different from the book I understand, was also epic.

The epilogue wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be, rather sweet really.

So, really good stuff and I will make a point of watching the two parts together as soon as they are available on DVD just to get the full end of an era experience.