I have to say right up front that I was very excited about seeing this movie; in fact I have been since I saw the very first teaser trailer and nothing I saw after that did anything to put me off. And that’s all against a background of not being a huge Marvel fan (we have always been more of a DC household – yay Batman) and not really knowing much about the character at all, except for the iconic shield of course.

So Steve Rogers is a weedy weakling of a lad who is brave and true and honourable and wants to fight the Nazis on behalf of his country. And he keeps on getting rejected because of his weediness and general poor health until Professor Stanley Tucci (for it is he) spots him and puts him into a programme designed to identify and produce super soldiers to fight the bad guy. Sadly it all goes wrong and Steve is the only one who takes the serum and he becomes Captain America, seller of bonds and puncher of fake Hitlers for the edification of the American public until he has the chance to prove himself and take the fight to the enemy.

And what an enemy. The German army is incidental, this is all about Red Skull, nasty megalomaniac who believes in Norse mythology and wants to take over the world.

This was huge fun and I loved every second. It is very funny in places but also manages the tricky balancing act that is being heroic and patriotic without being pompous and po-faced.

Best bits for me were all about the actors:

  • Chris Evans is absolutely smashing; I loved him in Sunshine and Scott Pilgrim but here he is gloriously heroic
  • Dominic Cooper as Howard Stark, very Howard Hughes and could plausibly be Robert Downey Jr’s Dad
  • Stanley Tucci – I love him so much and he adds real class as always
  • Richard Armitage in a small but key role – as soon as I saw him I thought “up to no good” and was proved correct (hopefully I won’t think that when I see him as Thorin Oakenshield in The Hobbit)
  • Hugo Weaving – a brilliant villain as always, acting his wee heart out through the prosthetics

And of course those of us who stayed through the credits got a great trailer for The Avengers movie which I am now regarding with great anticipation – Thor and Captain America in the same film, what a treat.

The Book God thought Captain America was the best of the Marvel titles so far, but I must admit I still have a tiny soft spot for  Thor. But don’t get me wrong, this was excellent and well worth viewing; added to the DVD to-buy list already!