I must admit that I had my doubts about this one. I’m not a fan of this use of motion capture  – you know, where the whole film is delivered that way rather than selected characters a la Gollum or King Kong. the Polar Express humans freaked me out a bit and only the Jim Carrey Christmas Carol changed my view (a bit).

I’m not also that huge a Tintin afficionado; I think I’ve only read one of the books (Tintin in Tibet, probably only because of the Yeti) and my experience had largely been of the Canadian (?) animated series when I was growing up. I was always more of an Asterix the Gaul kind of girl.

So going to see this was largely about keeping the Book God happy  (he is a bit of Tintin completist, though would never admit to it!) But I’m glad I did because it was both very well done and great fun.

So Tintin is wandering through a street market when he spots a magnificent model sailing ship in a glass case which he buys on the spot; and as soon as he has done so he is approached by a variety of unsavoury characters who offer him large sums to take it off his hands. Of course he refuses, and high jinks ensue.

Theft, kidnapping, pickpocketing subplots, searches for hidden treasure, revenge, this has it all delivered at real pace with some fabulous set pieces which probably wouldn’t have been possible in live action even with expensive CGI, so I suppose that’s one chalked up to mo-cap.

I gather the story was changed a wee bit from the books and I know that I missed most of the in-jokes but I really enjoyed this and would happily watch it again.

And the Book God loved it so good result all round.