Where to start?

A bit of background may be helpful. My husband, the Book God, is a bit of a fan of the old sword and sandal epics that used to star the likes of Steve Reeves and which has its culmination in films such as Ben Hur. If you can add a bit of fantasy and/or mythology into that mix then he is totally, absolutely sold. This led to a bit of a disagreement earlier this year when I stamped my foot and said that although, yes, Jason Momoa was very good in Game of Thrones, there was absolutely no way that I was going to see Conan the Barbarian. And of course gave the BG a bit of moral high ground along the “I went to see Contagion with you, please come and see Immortals with me”

And of course I gave in.

The verdict as shared with friends and colleagues before the writing of this review is that Immortals was far better than it had any right to be. I mean, it’s tosh, the story is all over the place, bits of mythology and other totally-made-up stuff shoved together. Mickey Rourke over-acting as if his life depended on it but managing to do it all with his trademark growl. Lots of violence, some of it quite cruel though I gather there were quite a few cuts to get a certificate in the UK. The villain’s motivation was weak, the romance was obvious and by the numbers. And yet.

And yet.

It was great fun. It looked absolutely gorgeous, really visually arresting which deflected from a lot of the stuff I’ve mentioned above. I can see why Henry Cavill is going to be the next Superman, for the chin alone. Freida Pinto is beautiful, Stephen Dorff amusing and John Hurt shows them all how its done while keeping a straight face. But my favourite was Luke Evans who plays Zeus. In fact all the Greek gods were brilliant, though if I was a Titan I’d be getting myself a new PR guy.

So, not a masterpiece by any means but quite good fun; amusingly the Book God was slightly disappointed whereas I felt that there had been enough to keep me engaged. Fewer half-naked men than 300, much more violence against women, not one to be actively sought out for a re-watch but could see myself getting sucked into watching it if, say, it was 2 in the morning and I couldn’t sleep.

Utter nonsense!