This was an accidental watch, in that we were channel-hopping and came across this on one of the satellite movie channels that we often overlook, and it seemed interesting so we recorded it and watch it after Christmas.

Megamind tells the story of, well, Megamind who arrives on earth as a baby, sadly at the same time as Metro Man, and unable to compete with his stronger, better looking and more popular rival, decides on a career in evil. Until, that is, the day that he wins and with no-one to battle against, realises that he needs to create a new hero.

And of course that’s when it all goes horribly wrong.

This is quite good fun. The voice acting is really good but I found the visuals a little off-putting (I couldn’t get away from the idea that Roxanne, while an excellent leading female character was, well, an odd shape….). My absolutely favourite character was Minion, a great sidekick if ever there was one. The story worked well but you could see where it was going to end up from quite early on, though that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

I just think that, compared to Despicable Me, which I absolutely loved and which we watched again as our New Year’s Eve feel good movie, Megamind seemed slight.

I think we’re talking damned with faint praise here.

But as always with animated films, not being or having a child, I’m probably not the key demographic so can safely be ignored.