I’ve been looking forward to this one for a while as I wanted to see how Guy Richie and co would handle the Moriarty thing. First thing to say is that I really enjoyed the film, but it isn’t without its problems, which sounds a bit churlish I know given that it was fun experience but I just have a nagging feeling that it could have been a bit more than that.

Of course I may be taking a slightly jaundiced view because since seeing A Game of Shadows at the cinema I’ve had the great pleasure to watch the first episode of the second series of the BBC modern-day Sherlock which also featured both Irene Adler and Moriarty and was a real gem. But I guess that’s how it goes – the film-watching experience is always affected by what you have seen before or afterwards and this is a Holmes-heavy few weeks.

So getting the nagging stuff out of the way:

  • humour was too heavy-handed and slapsticky at time for my taste
  • Robert Downey Jr in drag is not something I ever  want to see again
  • I love Stephen Fry to bits but not as Mycroft, it seemed a bit of stunt casting
  • there wasn’t enough of Noomi Rapace

So shoving all of that to one-side, I thought the story took a while to get going and wasn’t at all clear at first, but then really kicked off and ran full pelt until the end. I thought that the set-pieces were magnificent, the look of the film was great, the little sub-plot with Irene Adler worked well and although I still don’t warm to him Jude Law was very good.

But the standout for me was Jared Harris as Moriarty, he was just magnificently evil and I adored him, not quite to the extent that i actually wanted him to succeed but close enough. The final showdown with Holmes was very well done indeed.

I will be very interested to see where this franchise goes next, assuming that more are going to be made. Don’t be put off by my little doubts, give this one a try as it has much to commend it.