What IMDB says:

Clarence marries hooker Alabama, steals cocaine from her pimp, and tries to sell it in Hollywood, while the owners of the coke try to reclaim it

Why Silvery Dude thought I should watch this:

Because it’s the unsung best film from Tarantino.  It’s such a love story, whilst raw and slightly grubby at the same time.  The performances he has wrought from his actors deserved far greater acclaim than they necessarily received at the time.

It’s so ‘vast America’ meets ‘ordinary Joe struggling to get by’ meets, I don’t know what.  You’ll be a different person once you have watched this

What I thought:

The big issue for me was Christian Slater; I have never really warmed to the man. The only film of his that I have seen and enjoyed was Heathers which, lets face it, is a brilliant movie which not even he could have ruined. I just don’t get him at all; his eyes are too close together as evidenced in The Name of the Rose (a bit distracting, though that might have been due to the dreadful haircut) and he was very annoying in Interview with the Vampire (though admittedly the circumstances were difficult).

A dislike of the main actor isn’t always a problem, but here we have a story of love at first sight and lifelong obsession and I kept on asking myself what on earth Patricia Arquette’s character saw in him. Which kind of undermines the whole lovers on the run thing as I was hoping she would ditch him. Which of course I knew was never going to happen, but still, one can dream.

The other thing was the violence. Not in general (it’s a Tarantino script after all) but specifically against women. Now, this is not something that generally bothers me; I read a lot of horror and serial killer crime and believe me there is no more likely place to find that type of violence than there, but I tend to accept it and move on unless it is particularly gratuitous. Even in films I can sort of put up with it though on occasions I feel grossed out (there was a Russ Meyer film which I have thankfully largely blanked from my memory and don’t get me started on the impregnation scene in Rosemary’s Baby) and I’m generally not a huge fan of slasher pics.

For some reason I was really bothered by a lengthy scene involving Alabama which I thought was just too much.

But having said all that there was an awful lot to enjoy. Patricia Arquette was great and I really liked her character, dozy though she may have been. The cameos were superb; Gary Oldman was good value and Brad Pitt was possibly the best thing in it, except perhaps for the Christopher Walken face off with Dennis Hopper which was remarkable. the script was clever and the premise was a bit absurd. And I have a real soft spot for Saul Rubinek so loved all of his scenes.

So, put simply, I enjoyed the film but it wasn’t great. This was a bit of a disappointment for Silvery Dude who felt responsible for Christian Slater – however, no one should have that burden on their shoulders, so I have let him off on the grounds that the next film on the list stars *sigh* Tom Cruise.

This is my first film in my Films to Watch before I’m 51 personal challenge.