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What IMDB said:

An anthology of 5 different cab drivers in 5 American and European cities and their remarkable fares on the same eventful night..

Why Silvery Dude thought I should watch this:

Because it’s sublime – it’s such a mix of actors, settings and stories but drawn together as a typical night out

My thoughts on seeing the film:

I sat down to watch this late on a Saturday afternoon while the Book God was having a nap; and that was a very good choice of timing for what turned out to be a lovely film.

I will confess to not being too sure at first; the opening song was by Tom Waits, a musician whom I like the idea of more than the reality and my “quirk” alert was going off, but once the five stories got started I was hooked. I thought the two American stories were actually a bit slight, and I was distracted in the LA one by (a) how young Winona Ryder looked (2) the impressive accessories that Gena Rowlands was carrying around and most importantly of all (3) just how big the mobile phones were. In the NY story I kept on thinking something important was going to happen but it didn’t, though there were some sweet moments in the story. So far so slight and quirky.

But once we hit Europe things take a very interesting turn.

Paris – the handsome African driver and the beautiful blind Frenchwoman – “for me the word colour means nothing” – asking all the questions he shouldn’t

Rome – loved, loved, loved the music, especially Robert Benigni trying to sing Streets of Laredo which is a song I adore (if you haven’t heard Suzanne Vega’s version then you must). This is the first time I think I have really “got” Benigni, he’s never really appealed before  but here is very funny as he basically forces the priest in the back of his cab to hear his rather bizarre confession and then has to deal with the inevitable consequences

Helsinki – “things could have been worse” – the cab driver taking home three drunk men who have been drinking to commiserate with their friend who has lost his job, topping their story with his own tale of woe. The scenery is wonderful – snow in the early morning – and the downbeat tone is just perfect

But one of the things I enjoyed the most were the linking scenes in each story of the cabs just driving along the streets, very evocative.

So, another sound recommendation from Silvery Dude, and another one knocked off the list.

This is my third film in my Films to Watch before I’m 51 personal challenge.