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Ooh, I was SO excited about this I could barely contain myself. I agitated to go and see it as soon as it came out based on enjoying the first Iron Man (haven’t seen the second one yet), Thor (my favourite) and Captain America. And this all as a person who is more of a DC fan than Marvel devotee, but the films produced by the latter cannot be faulted and so here we are, all of the big guns together in one giant movie¬†which could have been a real letdown but oh it so wasn’t.


So Loki (wonderful Tom Hiddleston) is back the get the thingy that was discovered in Captain America, and steals it along with one of the members of the team who is suborned, and so Avengers have to assemble to save (a) their colleague and (b) the world (but obviously not necessarily in that order, some things are more important than others). And of course its an origin of the Avengers as a group so their first interaction with Thor and the tension between all of them as they measure up against each other is great fun.

And of course the world is saved though there are some nice set-ups for the follow-up movies (Iron Man 3, Thor 2 etc)

In many ways the plot is ¬†incidental, it’s about the dynamic of the group and their relative skills and of course the fantastic specials effects, huge set pieces and humour. Because this is a really funny film, with some real laugh out loud moments but also poignancy. There are too many good lines to quote but given the context “Hulk. Smash” is a favourite. Worth mentioning that Mark Ruffalo is an excellent Hulk as being a completely new character in this series of films – all of the others have been in the individual films.

And did I mention Tom Hiddleston?

If I had to put my feelings in a nutshell I would say that this is a film that basically has it all (if you love a big fantasy superhero movie). I could quite happily have sat through the whole thing again.


And amongst all this Marvel-ousness (see what I did there) were these two.


But oh, that title; annoying.