The Book God and I decided to celebrate our wedding anniversary at the end of May via the traditional route of a movie and a meal. There wasn’t a huge amount of choice at the time but we had both seen the trailer for Snow White and the Huntsman on previous visits so we thought that we would give it a go, and I’m pleased we did because it was actually surprisingly enjoyable.

Yes of course the director couldn’t leave the traditional story alone and so we had a very different take on the huntsman from the one I remember as a child reading the fairy tale, and yes Snow White herself was a bit of a sulky teenager though to be fair you would probably be that way inclined too if you’d been locked up by the woman who had murdered your father and then usurped his throne (though whether the sulkiness was intentional or just a result of the part being played in her usual manner by Kristen Stewart I’m not sure) and yes the dwarves were being played by the obligatory cast of British character actors and didn’t have as much screen time as they should, and there was that fey bit in the middle with the woodland creatures, but there was also much to enjoy, namely:

  • the Huntsman was great, I really like Chris Hemsworth (having seen him in quite a few things recently – Thor, Cabin in the Woods, Avengers Assemble), so much so that I was even prepared to overlook his dodgy Scottish accent – I can be sensitive about that sort of thing being a dodgy Scot myself;
  • nice to see Snow White in a suit of armour getting to grips with sorting it out herself rather than relying on the admittedly cute if a bit vacuous childhood sweetheart of a prince
  • it looked fabulous

But mostly for me it was all about Charlize Theron’s evil queen with her weird brother and her icy blondeness and her fantastic gowns and her general attitude of oozing horribleness (though at one point she seemed to be channelling Madonna in the video for Frozen). I will confess that there was more than one occasion where I actually wanted her to succeed. Of course that wouldn’t do but you know, very clear who was in charge. And what a cool Mirror Mirror.

And since then there has been all the scandal about Snow White and her relationship with the director and breaking R-Patz’s heart to the horror of Twihards everywhere so a bit of added value if you are a gossip fiend like me.

So a fun night out. Not one for the permanent collection but I can see myself being drawn in to watching this again on TV.