So picture the scene. It is the Diamond Jubilee Bank Holiday Monday. The Book God and I have been more or less housebound over the weekend by choice, wishing to avoid the (a) wet weather and (b) crowds in town out watching all the Royal stuff (what we lost in atmosphere we gained by a good view watching it all on TV though to be honest the river pageant was really dull and I fell asleep).

But I digress.

So, its BH Monday and we decide that we are going to forge out to watch a film and have dinner but there is a limited choice on at our local multiplex and we decide that we will plump for the only film that we haven’t already seen and that seemed vaguely of interest.

That film was Dark Shadows.

Now I had kind of been avoiding this because of the very mixed reviews and despite of my love for Tim Burton and Johnny Depp and my worship of Helena Bonham Carter, but needs must and off we toddled.

And I have to say that despite everything I’d heard /read this was another unexpected hit with us both.

Now I have to admit to knowing only the vaguest outlines of the TV series on which this was based but that may have been a blessing as there was no feeling for me that something previously precious was being trampled all over by a director with his own very distinctive trademarks.

Yes it was very very silly. Yes it had more horror and less humour than the trailers I’d seen would lead you to believe. Yes, its more of what Burton does but as someone said (can’t remember who) if you like that what he does then there’s no real problem. I didn’t mind the camp seventies stuff because I was a teenager in the seventies and have a real fondness for the period and it was a little bit like a trip down memory lane albeit with the addition of vampire/werewolf/ witch action.

Depp was being Depp-ish which was fun but I do wish he would work with other directors more often and look forward to seeing him do something different once in a while. Michelle Pfeiffer was gorgeous and continues to be one of my favourite actresses, Helena B-C was magnificent and I could have done with more of her, and Eva Green chewed up the scenery gloriously.

Is it Burton at his best? Absolutely not.

Did it pleasantly while away the evening? Yes it did.

Am I really really really looking forward to Frankenweenie? You bet.