SpidermanI have to confess up front I’m not a huge Spiderman fan (although I’ve recently come to love Marvel, I have always been more of a DC girl) and only managed to make it through the first and a bit of the second of the Sam Raimi versions which were after all not that long ago.

The big attractions of The Amazing Spiderman were the darker tone, sort of Batman-ish, and the really interesting cast, especially Andrew Garfield whom I’ve seen and appreciated in a couple of other films including The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.

It’s been quite a few months since I saw this and quite a lot of the key plot points have disappeared from my ageing brain, but the good stuff is still in there:

  • Andrew Garfield was very good indeed in the main role, playing younger than he actually is but managing to convince as a troubled teenager without desceinding into general poutty sulkiness like some (I’m looking at you Hadyn Christensen)
  • Emma Stone was lovely and their romance was actually quite convincing
  • The big bad was well done, and I though I don’t normally have much time for Rhys Ifans he was pretty good here

The only downside was insufficient Martin Sheen. But then, I always think there is never enough Martin Sheen.

So a good summer blockbuster re-booting the Spiderman story which I would watch again but probably won’t buy on DVD. Keeping an eye open for the sequel also, but definitely still prefer Batman.