Dark Knight RisesSo, just a couple of weeks after The Amazing Spiderman experience where I basically said I preferred Batman and here we are with The Dark Knight Rises (or TDKR as everyone seems to have referred to it as it’s too long a title to type all the time, I guess), one of the films I was most excited about this year.

Thousands upon thousands of words have been written about this film, not quite as many as Prometheus perhaps as it doesn’t seem to have annoyed/disappointed as many people, but it does seem to have divided opinion a wee bit. I’m not going to go through the plot stuff in detail (suffice to say eight years after he disappeared Batman is forced out of retirement by the arrival of big nasty Bane) and it’s the last film in the trilogy so designed to bring the Dark Knight saga to a close. This is just thoughts and impressions as a bit of a fangirl:

  • Christian Bale was less gravelly than before, and a bit tragic and sad and what-am-I-for-really and redemptive
  • I think I may be falling in love with Joseph-Gordon Levitt
  • Gary Oldman is still (for me at least) the heart of all three films
  • Special effects were brilliant
  • Anne Hathaway was much better than I expected her to be as Selina Kyle/Catwoman
  • Bane was not a bad villain at all and much more understandable than the trailer led me to believe
  • Sir Michael Caine. Bless.
  • The nice man who plays JJ’s husband and Criminal Minds was a villainous sidekick
  • Have I mentioned Joseph-Gordon Levitt at all?

I really enjoyed this and could quite happily have sat through the thing all over again immediately afterward but I have to admit that the plot doesn’t really hold together under too much examination but for me that’s the whole point of this sort of thing – you shouldn’t think about it at all, just throw yourself into the experience, go along for the ride and not unpick it. A number of the films I’ve seen this year fall into that category which is fine.

Just as an aside, this was on in London during the Olympics, which I took into account when selecting the screening the Book God and I went to. Did Silvery Dude do so? Not a chance, he and his GLW went on Super Saturday and ended up sneaking out to go home and watch Jessica Ennis instead. Can’t argue with that choice, I guess!

This went straight onto the DVD to buy list and I’m looking forward to a Dark Knight marathon in the not too distant future.