looper-movie-posterLooper is another one of the films I was really looking forward too this year, a proper grown-up science fiction set in the not too distant future time travel movie that is trying to be intelligent and character driven as well as violent and action packed.

Do I have to you tell I loved it?

So it’s the 2070s or thereabouts and our hero Joe works for organised crime by killing blindfolded people sent back from the future; he’s a looper and at some point he will be faced with his future self and will have to close his on loop, at which point he gats a load of money and retires to live out his life to the point at which he is sent back. This is possible because time travel, having been invented, has also been totally outlawed so only criminals (as far as we can tell) have access to it. Joe is finally faced with himself but instead of closing the loop his future self gets away. Bruce Willis (for it is indeed he) as older Joe is trying to prevent future events from taking place by shutting the perpetrator off at the source.

Oh and did I mention that some people have telekinetic abilities?

So no more of the storyline because it is a film that doesn’t translate that well into being explained, because as well as referencing other similar movies this has plot gaps all over the place but at the time you don’t (well I didn’t) really notice them which just goes to show that sometimes you shouldn’t think too hard about a movie but just go along for the ride. I may have said this before.

So, stuff I loved:

  • Bruce Willis. There is nothing more to be said. Awesomeness and attractiveness.
  • Joseph-Gordon-Levitt. I may have mentioned elsewhere that I may be falling a wee bit in love with him which is totally inappropriate given the actual age gap but you know, sometimes these things just can’t be helped. The prosthetics are a little distracting but he acts his socks off
  • Jeff Daniels. He is just fabulous, bearded and jaded. (and I love him in The Newsroom)
  • Emily Blunt, luminous.

And OK, the whole thing about stopping The Rainmaker and whether going back to change the past actually changes it or just reinforces that whats going to happen will still happen only really works while you are watching the thing and when you start to unravel all that timey-wimey stuff it kind of doesn’t hold together but you know what? It was awesome, it’s on my to-buy list and, you know – Bruce Willis at his very best.