UK-The-Ghost-Poster-798x600So The Ghost is based on the thriller by Robert Harris which I read almost three years ago; my thoughts on the novel are here and describe the plot which isn’t much changed in Roman Polanski’s film. I seem to have been intrigued by the upcoming film at the time but not sufficiently curious to actually see it in the cinema or to watch it on DVD as its taken me this long to get a hold of a copy.

The film seems to be pretty faithful to the novel though of course without the first person narrative and also manages to retain the ambiguity of the ending though again in a different form. The cast were universally good and the setting was spectacular though clearly not actually filmed in the USA given the director’s long-standing legal difficulties there.

I enjoyed it; slick (but in a good way) and well-paced and great fun to guess which real-life person each character was possibly based on.

A good Saturday-night-in movie.