MV5BMTg4MTQ3NTI3Nl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNzEzODQ2NA@@._V1._SY317_So it has become a tradition chez Bride to watch a feel-good uplifting sort of film on New Year’s Eve as we wait for the bells and the traditional glass of very good whisky to start the new year. This year was no exception but we had a real dilemma, quite a few films in the stacks that would fit the bill, but we plumped (and I use that word advisedly) for Kung Fu Panda 2.

This turned out to be an inspired choice, a really lovely (in terms of story) and genuinely beautiful (in terms of the animation) film with friendship at its heart, and the whole its not how you started out its what you choose to be message, because you know these films have to have a message. Tigress is still my favourite character (after the Fat Boy himself obvs) but the star of the film is the villain Chen, a wonderful white peacock with a fine case of megalomania and a plan to take over the world, which has resonance for Po and his past. Gary Oldman consolidates his status as a leg end once more

Awesome and attractive as expected. Looking forward to the third film.