originalI don’t normally post much about TV in here because I tend to watch very little live, preferring to record and watch when it suits, which means that I am often behind the curve and when I’m ready to say something it seems that everyone else has moved on. I’m going to make an exception and comment on the finale of the fifth and last series of Fringe, which was shown here in the UK at the same time as in the States, though I didn’t stay up until the wee small hours to watch it, saving it for this afternoon.

Fringe is one of the very few series that I have faithfully watched on TV as it was broadcast. I gave up on Lost at the beginning of S2 (though I keep promising myself I will try again), gave up on Heroes after a few episodes of the final season and even the X-Files and Buffy (two of my absolute favourites) were completed by watching DVD boxed sets. I suppose the only thing that matches Fringe is Dr Who and frankly that’s in a class of its own anyway (though I have to admit to not watching much of Sylvester McCoy’s reign and I was too young for William Hartnell.)

But I digress.

I don’t know why  Fringe captured my imagination  – the cast, the plots, whatever – but it did and though I’m sorry it has finished I thought the series end was emotionally satisfying, made sense (as much as these things ever make sense) and was probably better than the rest of the final season put together. I will miss it very much.

But TV goes on. There’s always Arrow. And Grimm. And The Following looks good. And Utopia. And Criminal Minds is back soon. So all may not be lost.