imagesSo the Big Plan had been to go and see Django Unchained at the the local multiplex last Sunday, but it had been snowing and it looked treacherous underfoot and it was lovely and cosy at home and I had made chilli so after much deliberation (well, about two minutes worth) we decided to stay home and watch something else.

Now, my movie to-be-watched (tbw) stack is nowhere near as significant as the humongous to-be-read (tbr) pile (which probably deserves a house of its own by now), but it is still sizeable, which means that choosing a movie to watch requires a sifting process which would grace any recruitment exercise. But in the end we decided it would be animation, and we plumped for Rango.

It turned out to be a brilliant decision for which I intend to take all of the credit.

So Johnny Depp (for lo, it is indeed he) is a lizard chameleon sort of thing on a road trip with his owners when an accident happens and his glass tank is turfed out of the back of the car and he is stranded in the desert. He finally ends up in this small rickety town full of critters where the water supply has dried-up, and where through his own exaggerated fibbing about his past he ends up as sheriff.

So the basic plot of almost every Western ever made.

Which was why this was awesome. Loads of movie in-jokes and references, some of which I spotted, others I missed. Great voice cast. And it is immensely funny; there’s one line that I won’t quote because I suspect it only works in context, but I totally thought I would rupture something vital, I was laughing so hard.

Am really, really looking forward to watching Rango again; an early contender for NYE 2013, I think!