imagesI don’t normally like watching film franchises out of sequence, at least not the first time round, but somehow I managed to see Ghost Protocol before MI:III which probably explained my confusion over references to Ethan’s wife and stuff but it all makes absolute sense now, in as much as any of these films ever makes sense…..

So we see The Cruiser in retired agent teaching new recruits all that he knows while leading a double life with his lovely unsuspecting fiancée mode when he is (inevitably) called in to carry out one last mission, rescuing one of his protegés who has been captured by arch-villain Philip Seymour Hoffman, and of course it doesn’t go to plan so there is another one last mission but  this time it’s personal, and it seems to go well then it doesn’t and we are (again inevitably) with The Cruiser on the run, being helped in the background by Those Who Care.

This is such nonsense but great, great fun. There are explosions and guns and fast cars and MASKS (always my favourite MI bit in the TV series) and unfeasible feats of daring do and scenery and villains explaining their plots in great detail and (sadly) kidnapped girl forcing hero’s hand (which I am now unable to ignore following Anne Billson’s blog post on the subject which I have mentioned here). And exploding helicopters which are, as we know, always a Good Thing.

Tom Cruise is a great screen presence IMHO and I have mentioned this ad nauseam elsewhere, but one of the real delights of this film was Philip Seymour Hoffman who makes a great bad guy, world-weary and assured of his own superiority. The stunts are well done, the locations spectacular and it does exactly what it sets out to do. The supporting cast is good and although I guessed the bad guy behind the bad guy within the first 20 minutes it didn’t spoil my enjoyment at all.

You will love this film if this is the sort of film you love.