iron_man_int_1200-660x972When I went to see Oz the G&P last week I was really pleased to see trailers for the new Star Trek and Iron Man movies, and then realised that it was all very well getting a bit excited about Iron Man 3 but I really should get around to seeing Iron Man 2 beforehand. So supplied with one chicken curry and a glass of ginger beer I settled down to watch it on the grounds that it would be a change of pace from the last film I watched and a good Saturday-date-night-at-home movie.

I always get the sense with Robert Downey Jr in the Marvel films that I’m not really watching him act, he’s just playing the party side of himself, but that seems to work for the character so I don’t mind though I found his hair in this film really quite distracting. And Pepper Potts is one of the few roles that actually makes me think I could quite like Gwyneth Paltrow and then I come to my senses and realise that I mostly find her irritating (my other favourite Paltrow films are Se7en and Contagion and (spoiler alert) she doesn’t make it through either one of those intact.

So Iron Man 2 sees Tony Stark being challenged by the US government now that he has come out as Iron Man, plus he is being snarked at by his much less talented rival Justin Hammer (a fabulously chip-on-the-shoulder performance by the great Sam Rockwell) plus being sought after by Mickey Rourke’s out-for-revenge overly muscular and grotesquely tattooed Russian. BTW there is a great bit in the film where Rourke’s character is in jail and they are trying to work out where he’s from because he won’t speak and I was all WTF just look at the tattoos, Russian prison stuff if ever I’ve seen it – but you know, French police, what can I say?

And it all ends up much as you would expect i.e. men in big metal suits knocking all kinds of hell out of each other.

Best bits for me were definitely the appearance of the SHIELD agents, especially Agent Coulson whom I just love (what happens to him in Avengers Assemble is still too painful for me to contemplate) and the post credits sequence where we see Mjolnir for the first time, all good stuff.

So, great fun but not as good as the first one; have high hopes for number 3 though.