originalSo hot on the heels of my watching and reviewing Iron Man 2 we scooted off to the cinema to see Iron Man 3 and boy, what fun it was. Possibly even better than the first one IMHO, as Tony Stark’s character has developed following the events of Avengers Assemble (which I also adored).

Tony is suffering from a form of PTSD (though we’re not allowed to call it that I think) because of what he went through with the Avengers and is hiding it by working obsessively and not sleeping, which of course is having an effect on his relationship with Pepper Potts (the usually annoying (to me at least) Gwyneth Paltrow though having heard her interviewed on the Kermode/Mayo film review programme I may have warmed to her. A little. Possibly.)

Then along comes The Mandarin, terrorist extraordinaire and it all gets very personal indeed for Mr Stark. Separated from the people he cares for and with some big thinking to do he heads off  to try to find out what’s going on, coming across some interesting bad guys, a could-have-been-irritating-but-is-actually-OK youngster who helps him out tin the best tradition of heroes down on their luck movies, and steps up to the plate when needed.

There are some interesting flashbacks to the Tony of yore which give some insight into what’s going on, and then of course there’s the big plot thingy in the middle that we’re probably still not supposed to talk about and which annoyed long-standing fans but which I rather enjoyed having no investment in the Iron Man comic back story. And of course as is traditional, it all ends with (rather more this time than usual) metal suits bashing away at each other.

I really enjoyed this and it will be interesting to see what they will do with the character next assuming Downey Jr continues in the part; he did take a bit of a battering here.

Post-drafting note: took me so long to post this after writing it that Downey Jr has indeed confirmed that he will be continuing for a while in the role; definitely a good thing.