despicable_me_two_ver13Despicable Me is one of the loveliest animated stories of the past few years; I loved it so much that it garnered the honour of being one of my New Year’s Eve feelgood movies. I liked the villain/anti-hero/hero Gru, I liked the little girls and most of all I loved the minions with their very ordinary names and their you-don’t-know-exactly-what-they’re-saying-but-it-all-makes-sense-anyway language.

Despicable Me 2 is a pretty cool sequel, with more of the same except this time Gru is properly the hero, recruited by Silas Ramsbottom’s (cue bottom joke and minion giggling) to locate and retrieve a thingummyjig with the “help” of Lucy and her lipstick taser (amongst other gadgets). And the minions get greater prominence which is fabulous if you love them like I do, not so great if you find them even remotely irritating because they are in this a lot.

As I’ve said I do love me some minions, and I really enjoyed the film. I laughed out loud numerous times which has to be a good sign. The girls, particularly Agnes who is definitely my favourite, continued to be lovely even in the absence of a Mum which is a plot point with a resolution you can see a mile off. The bad guy was amusingly grandiose and unicorns have due prominence.

It’s funny, brightly coloured and has fart jokes and all of that works for me.