MV5BNjY2Mzc0MDA4NV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwOTg5OTcxNw@@._V1_SX214_Well. The sixteenth president of the USA hunted vampires. Who knew?

So Honest Abe as a young lad sees his mother die mysteriously and decides when older to take revenge on Jack Barts, the man apparently responsible. He sets off to kill him but is entirely overwhelmed and on the point of being bumped off himself when an equally mysterious man, one Henry Sturgess whom he had recently met in a bar while drinking to gain courage, comes to his rescue and having saved his neck reveals that Barts is a vampire, one of many who have set themselves up in the Southern United States. He recruits Abe to help him wipe them out but of course our hero is hell bent on personal justice which sort of gets in the way, as does the lovely Mary Todd. Because of course being a vampire hunter precludes any kind of normal life. But Abe loves Mary and they marry.

American history then unfolds largely as expected, just happen to be lots of bloodsuckers around.

This is such nonsense but is also very good-natured and quite a lot of fun. Of course it has the advantage of an iconic central character whose weapon of choice is a silver axe and who exhibits a remarkable talent for improvisation. It also provides a whole new perspective on the American Civil War (I knew those Confederates were up to no good). Vampire make-up is cool, excellent use of the railroad and a really very elegant baddy in *sigh* Rufus Sewell. Generally good cast, Dominic Cooper nicely dissolute.

Bit of a romp but none the worse for that. A good Saturday night staying in movie where your brain is not required.