paranorman-posterI like creepy films that are aimed at kids. The Nightmare Before Christmas (one of my all-time favourite films). Coraline. Frankenweenie. And so on.

So when Silvery Dude recommended ParaNorman he did so on the basis of firm evidence and I was happy to have a look, and I’m glad I took his advice because this is just a lovely film

Norman is a bit unusual because he can see and communicate with the dead (particularly his grandma, the wonderful Elaine Stritch) and hasn’t kept this talent to himself, so his mother worries about him, his father is exasperated, his older sister treats him with contempt (though as an older sister myself I think I remember that being part of the job description) and all the kids at school make fun of him. But he is the only person with the skills to cope when the witches curse which has historically hung over his home town turns out to be real, and a group of zombies is unleashed.

Like I say I thought this was a lovely film, not to demean it in any way, it’s just that there are lots of super-positive things in it, especially in the way Norman resolves the whole crisis, makes friends with Neil who is also tormented (in his case because he is fat, but manages to maintain a phlegmatic outlook and is very sweet) but all the while continues to be himself (and looks like doing so once the trouble is over and everyone gets back to normal). Even the school bully comes out pretty well. And as for the witch, well that’s another thing altogether.

And it’s always good to see a rampaging horde of bloodthirsty townspeople brandishing  the modern equivalent of a pitchfork.

One to be added to the Halloween watch-list.