insidious-20110328031521343_640wI like a good scary movie. I’m not one for slasher pics unless they have a really strong storyline; I find the blood and gore a bit too much but I do like to be made to jump, and enjoy a really effective feeling of dread.

On one of my visits to Tyler’s blog at Head in a Vice I came across his review of Insidious (you should read it here, really very good, I do love to see genuine enthusiasm on display) and promised myself that the next time I wanted to be creeped out I would definitely give it a try. So that is indeed what I did.

Now I knew that the Book God would not be up for this at all. He enjoys a really good horror picture if it has aliens, vampires, supernatural beasties of any kind, but if we’re talking about something happening in what is recognisably the real world then you can count him out. This is why I often find myself watching this kind of picture on my MacBook alone on a weekend afternoon.

If you’re going to do horror solo it’s best for it to be sunny outside IMHO.

IMDB gives us a clue about what to expect:

A family looks to prevent evil spirits from trapping their comatose child in a realm called The Further.

Pithy as always, saying lots but leaving out so much more.

Josh and Renai are an attractive and fairly successful couple who move into a new home with their two young boys and baby daughter. Now just by looking at a picture of that house you can tell that there is going to be trouble and after various scares and an accident which leaves their son Dalton in the sort of comatose state that inevitably leaves all doctors stumped, the family move. To a much prettier house. But of course we are nowhere near the end of the movie so you just know more trouble is on its way.

So it’s  haunted house film that turns into a possession film and there are ghost-hunters slash psychics whom Granny Barbara Hershey happens to know for reasons that become clear as the plot unfolds. There are family secrets and other-wordly nastiness and an ending which I thought was actually pretty cool.

It was nicely creepy rather than bed-wettingly scary and I had a great time watching it. If nothing else I learned that I have a bit of a girly crush on Patrick Wilson, suspected at the time of Watchmen but confirmed through the medium of handsome man holding small baby in a defending-his-family stance. Rose Byrne as Renai is also really good, hugely affected by what’s happening to her family but not totally falling apart in the way women are often expected to in this sort of film.

I will be interested to see how this is all developed in the sequel which I think may come out this year.