Green LanternIt’s interesting that apart from the big two (Batman and Superman) DC comic characters don’t seem to translate quite so well to the big screen. Chez Bride is very much a DC household and I was quite excited about the arrival of Green Lantern as a movie; I knew a little bit about the character but that was mostly as part of the Justice League so I was interested in seeing an origin story for Hal Jordan who I understand from those who know better (the Book God is a great Green Lantern aficionado) that Jordan is the iconic incarnation of the human Green Lantern.

Once more we turn to the oracle that is IMDB for a plot overview:

A test pilot is granted an alien ring that bestows him with otherworldly powers, as well as membership into an intergalactic squadron tasked with keeping peace within the universe

So none of your do-it-yourself-with-hods-of-money as per Batman, this is proper artefact that gives you special powers territory allowing our hero to be a bit of a screw-up but still save the day.

Hal Jordan is a test pilot who is selected by the power ring of a dying alien who has crash landed on Earth to be his replacement in said intergalactic peace keeping squadron. He heads off through space to the secret base where he appears to fail at training, is scorned as a puny human by Mark Strong in fantastic CGI make-up as Sinestro (which has just got to be one of the best names ever, surely) and returns to earth where various incidents and a BIg Bad hellbent on destruction mean that only Hal can save us.

I was wary of this film despite my initial glee for two reasons (1) it didn’t seem to be well-received when it came out (which to be fair, normally doesn’t bother me) and (2) Ryan Reynolds. It’s not that I don’t like Reynolds, it’s just that he is very pretty indeed and I wasn’t sure he could be convincing kicking alien behinds. But I will admit to being wrong, he’s got a really cool devil-may-care but actually will do the heroic thing attitude which works well with what I understand of the character.

Mark Strong was brilliant as always under a very unflattering skin colour, the special effects were CGI heavy but nonetheless quite cool and Peter Sarsgard was a pretty cool junior baddy. It seemed a bit glossy and superficial and origin stories can often be a bit ropy but was actually quite a lot of fun. And I really like the thing that charges the ring, artistic and functional all at once, a lovely addition to any home.

So another enjoyable Saturday night flick which isn’t too taxing. Wonder if they’ll ever make the sequel given the indifferent showing, now that there is a yellow lantern ring. I understand that might be important……