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Insidious-Chapter-2-PosterSo I started to write about Insidious Chapter 2 in my preferred format (you know – what’s the film about, why did I want to see it, what did I think about it) and as I was sketching it out in my head I realised that I would be saying almost exactly what I said in my post about the original movie, which you can read over here.

And I thought, is that really a good use of the folks (and I believe there is more than one)¬†who read this blog’s time? So I thought a checklist comparing was more helpful:

  • Did I watch this on my own on a weekend afternoon? Yes, that would be today (Saturday)
  • Was it sunny outside? Yes
  • Is the film creepy rather than scary? Yes, though marginally more gross than the first one (though that’s still not very gross at all)
  • Was the ending cool? Not as cool as the first one but I can see a third movie coming along if the guys behind this so desire
  • Do I still have crush on Patrick Wilson? I should say so

Some additional thoughts. Always convenient that Gran Barbara Hershey has one of the most obviously Gothically scary houses ever, so hey let’s all go back there to escape from the supernatural thing, it’ll never think to look for us here. And even though the film starts off right after the ending of Insidious, its sense of time gets a bit wacky and I couldn’t tell if we were talking days or hours or weeks.

And really, we should all know by now that when someone says “and I promise it won’t hurt” they may be technically correct but it probably won’t end well.

I’m not sure this film was actually necessary but I still enjoyed it, though if you’ve seen the first one (and why would you watch this if you haven’t) you can pretty much see where this is all going. One for completists only I think.

Oh and I watched this on DVD and sat through the trailers and doesn’t The Need for Speed look really awful? It has the most pompous voiceover I have ever heard. Though We Are What We Are looks very interesting.