MG_tri_poster What’s it all about?

According to IMDb:

The story revolves around the passengers of a yachting trip in the Atlantic Ocean who, when struck by mysterious weather conditions, jump to another ship only to experience greater havoc on the open seas.

Why did I want to watch it?

I saw the trailer for Triangle in the cinema when the film first came out in 2009, plus this was the sort of thing quoted on the DVD cover:

It will twist you and terrify you over and over. Five stars.

Says Alan Jones, Frightfest, and he usually knows whereof he speaks. So, irresistible really.

And of course not to be confused with the late lamented British TV series of the same name set on a North Sea ferry and starring the much-missed Kate O’Mara. Not like that at all. Except for the boat. And the sea. Obvs. But no stalking  and bumping off of the passengers, no indeed not.

What did I think of it?

Being serious this was a very interesting twisty-turny not-quite-horror, not-quite-thriller but something a bit more unusual instead.

Our protagonists are on a yachting trip when they get caught in an epic storm and take shelter on a  passing cruise liner which turns out to be deserted except for the person or thing wandering around picking them off one by one, and does our heroine Jess know more about this than it seems, given her creepy sense of foreboding and attacks of deja vu? And how does it relate back to the disjointed beginning of the movie where she’s dealing with her autistic son before setting off for her day out?

The cast was largely unknown to me apart from the lovely Melissa George (who  I remember from her days in Aussie soaps and of course being horrible to Jennifer Garner in Alias) and the Lesser Hemsworth. And that worked for me, because the effectiveness of the film is enhanced by the lack of distracting famous faces, and Melissa’s performance of course which is really excellent given the stuff which her character has to go through.

Not going to say much more about the plot which I’m still wrestling with a little bit if I’m honest. If you want to know more there’s a lot of very detailed stuff on message boards which someone has gone to a lot of trouble to pull together (if a bit obsessively – I had a minor attack of “it’s only a movie”- itis while reading it). There appear to be three main theories about what’s going on in this film, and you can take your pick as to which one, or combination or hey, why not all three, is the director’s intention.

But it was definitely worth watching and the psychological stuff was more interesting to me than the occasional (but very well done) jumpy scary stuff.

I watched this as part of the RIP IX challenge – Peril on the Screen