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agatha-christies-murder-on-th3205_fThis post originally appeared on my Bride’s Film page over on my other blog. I’m re-posting here with some added commentary (where appropriate) so that my film reviews are all in the same place.

Date watched: 20 April 2008 (umpteenth viewing; really, I’ve seen this film so many times I’ve lost count)

What IMDb says:

In 1935, when his train is stopped by deep snow, detective Hercule Poirot is called on to solve a murder that occurred in his car the night before.

What I said:

OK, so it looks a bit creaky now after 34 years, but this is still one of my favourite films, and I can’t begin to work out how many times I’ve seen it since it came out when I was (ahem) 12 years old. I was in the middle of my first Agatha Christie phase (I had a second flurry one summer when I was a student) and I still have the paperback with the movie-tie in cover that was published in 1975.

Things I love about this movie = the clothes, the fabulous cast, Sean Connery being gruff, Michael York being beautiful, Wendy Hiller being imperious

Things I don’t like = well there aren’t any really

Having said that, Albert Finney’s performance seems these days to owe more to Marlon Brando than anything else, but it’s still miles better than anything Peter Ustinov managed! I wonder if David Suchet, who is so wonderful in the ITV adaptations will ever get the chance to do this and if so whether they will ever be able to match the stellar cast.

A perennial favourite, will be watched time and time again.


I don’t think I’ve watched it again since then, but here are my thoughts on the 2010 TV remake.