angelina-wantedThis post originally appeared on my Bride’s Film page over on my other blog. I’m re-posting here with some added commentary (where appropriate) so that my film reviews are all in the same place.

Date watched: 6 July 2008

What IMDb says:

A frustrated office worker learns that he is the son of a professional assassin, and that he shares his father’s superhuman killing abilities.

What I said:

Sometimes you just need to see mindless tosh, but at least it’s worth spending your time watching really high quality mindless tosh; if that’s your thing (and goodness knows it’s mine) then you will enjoy this movie.

I started to outline the plot but got a fit of the giggles when trying to explain the whole clan of weavers forms society of assassins thing, so won’t continue with the attempt. If you want a sensible review please visit Carl at Stainless Steel Droppings for his thoughts. Much more articulate than mine!

What I loved about this movie = wee James McAvoy doing buff; Angelina Jolie being sultry and magnificent (how I love her so…); Morgan Freeman swearing; stylish visuals; guns and (lots and lots of very big) explosions.

What I didn’t like about this movie = not enough Terence Stamp or Marc Warren and I guessed a chunk of the plot within the first 15 minutes, but who cares, these are both minor quibbles which didn’t get in the way of my enjoyment

Probably not a DVD purchase but I know that every time I come across this on TV I will be sucked into watching it.


I haven’t seen this again though I occasional entertain the desire to do so. The song by Danny Elfman over the closing credits has become a firm favourite though!