avengers-age-of-ultron-poster-600x888I refuse to call it Marvel’s Avengers: AoU because anyone who thinks that over here we can’t tell the difference between The Avengers and The Avengers is an idiot. Or in marketing.


What’s it all about?

So Tony Stark attempts to come up with a global protection system based on AI captured during an attack by the Avengers on a Hydra base as a means of bringing to fruition his dream of a global defence system, which would mean the people of the world won’t have to rely on the Avengers. Because he has Doubts. But of course it doesn’t go according to plan and the resulting Ultron decides to sort everyone out. Cue planned global annihilation which only our heroes can stop. Probably stop. Yes, of source they can stop it. Of course.

Why did I want to see it?

Are you seriously asking me that question?

What did I think of it?

Oh this was just the coolest thing ever, I loved it and could quite happily have sat through the whole thing again, quite a feat considering that it is not a short film by any means, though not Hobbit-length either. It’s actually pointless reviewing something like the Age of Ultron in many ways because you either get it or you don’t, and if you don’t you are probably never going to be persuaded otherwise, and if you do any discussion is probably going to descend into abstruse technicalities about who was left out, who got what screen time and most importantly, what stories from the comic books were used to build the plot. You know you’re in the latter category when you find yourself in quite a serious discussion about which Infinity Gem is in which film and hunting out references to Thanos, the Gray (sic) Hulk and Vision.

Ah Vision. The glorious Paul Bettany, just wonderful in the part, what a voice, absolutely perfect. And James Spader as Ultron, exactly right with that lovely sneering quality he can bring to any part even when, as here, we don’t see him at all so we just have to rely on his dulcet tones. Sadly no Loki, but we did get a shirtless Thor, not that that is any in way important. At all.

All the regulars were absolutely cool and the newcomers were really good, Scarlet Witch in particular, and it all made as much sense as any superhero movie ever does but the scale of it was just brilliant, and I was really pleased to see that most of the stuff in the trailer actually took place at the beginning of the movie with some real surprises to follow, at least for someone like me who isn’t absolutely steeped in the stuff but knows enough to get most of the references (and knows where to go to find out more  – you really should try Emergency Awesome’s channel on YouTube, he Knows Stuff).

So this is not an intimate low-budget think piece but there is a surprising amount of character development, especially for The Hulk and Hawkeye, and I did laugh a lot at the quipping before the mayhem started.

A very enjoyable addition to the MCU and I’m looking forward to Ant Man which is the next one up. Such fun!