UK_Mosasaurus_Online_1-Sht-600x950If I’d written this review just after I saw Jurassic World three weeks ago I probably would have had more to say, but everyone and their cat has (have?) talked this film to death, mostly settling on a verdict that is somewhere between mindless fun and not as good as the original.

I enjoyed it. Yes it was a bit overblown and most of the characters were a bit two-dimensional and even the more rounded ones were flawed and not necessarily in a good way, and yes the plot had major holes in it (honestly, my answer to that is just not to think about it, it’s only a movie), but I spent an entertaining couple of hours enjoying major dinosaurs beating each other up, and that can’t be bad.

On the human side:

  • Chris Pratt is a very likeable hero although I will always prefer him as Starlord
  • Vincent D’Onofrio was a great villain; he’s always been one of my favourite actors and he was rocking an excellent beard and evil grin
  • poor Bryce Dallas Howard’s character got a lot of stick, unfairly I think. I know people who could run in those heels (they really weren’t that high) and yes, the schmaltzy ending had some troubling implications about female fulfilment but she by and large saved the day and that’s good enough for me.

Wouldn’t go out of my way to watch it again but if I came across it on TV I would probably be sucked in.