Mr-Holmes-poster-Ian-McKellen-600x889I have been keeping my eyes open for this film to be released ever since I saw the poster being teased on social media ages ago. I am a Holmes fan, I really admire Ian McKellen and I had read and really enjoyed the novel on which this is based (A Slight Trick of the Mind – you can read my review here on my book blog, and it also gives a synopsis of the story).

So I went to see this with reasonably high expectations and I wasn’t disappointed in any way. It is a really lovely film which has retained the melancholy which is at the heart of the novel, as Holmes looks back at his life as his memory is being damaged by age. He has lost so many people and finds himself building new relationships while trying to remember the details of the case that led him to give up detecting and retire to his bees.

It is a film that is beautifully shot and wonderfully performed. It was a little bit tempting to play spot the well-known British actor (lots of cameos) but that does the film a bit of a disservice, as those roles were cast to be effective and rounded and it works. The make-up in particular is excellent and McKellen manages to carry off Holmes n two different time periods in a very realistic way. The revelation in the film is Milo Parker, the youngster who plays Roger, the housekeeper’s son whom Holmes befriends. He’s just wonderful.

This is just a lovely film, well worth your time.