Minions_OneSheet_UKI saw Minions weeks ago and totally forgot to post a review, distracted as I was by other stuff. It only popped back into my head because I was listening to the Wittertainment podcast on my way to meet friends and they were discussing how well it was doing at the box office and I thought “oh, that’s what I said in my blog post, so glad they agree with me” before realising that said post was all in my imagination.

So, I’m here to put things right with a quick review, which is basically what a lot of others have said – if you like small yellow people who speak in silly voices and indulge in all manner of slapstick while trying to serve the best bad guy at any given time, and if you giggle at those voices saying “bottom” and “banana” and sniggering, then you’ll love this.

I didn’t stop laughing all through the movie. It probably didn’t have the same level of heart-warmingness of the Despicable Me films (I particularly love Agnes) but it’s good-natured and funny and has an excellent villain in Sandra Bullock as Scarlet Overkill and I may not look at the Queen in the same light ever again, but it was great fun and I enjoyed every second.