mission_impossible__rogue_nation_cruise-600x937Or Where to Put the Colon in the Title. I copied what they did on IMDb but it doesn’t look right; shouldn’t there be two colons? *head explodes from thinking too hard about grammar*

What’s it all about?

Ethan and team take on their most impossible mission yet, eradicating the Syndicate – an International rogue organisation as highly skilled as they are, committed to destroying the IMF.

Oh, so we all know who Ethan is, do we? OK, yes we do, but that’s not the point, they shouldn’t presume. Also I don’t think the Syndicate was set up to destroy the IMF (in fact I think they make that pretty clear in the movie), it just turned out that way.

Why did I want to see it?

Tom Cruise, of course. And a long-standing affection for the original TV series (which I totally loved).

What did I think of it?

Huge fun but absolute nonsense. It’s The Cruiser so my normal critical faculties were suspended, because (and I may have mentioned this before) despite all the Stuff I do think he’s fabulous. Particularly in IMAX.

So standard IMF plot i.e. they are in trouble with their own side and so are off the grid taking down the bad guys that nobody else believes exist, but Tom knows they’re out there and he will not stop until he gets the Big Bad because of the thing they did in the only record shop in London that has that sort of listening booth. Cue hopping all over the world using spycraft to remain undetected even though Alec Baldwin (for it is he) is intent in bringing Tom to justice.

But what it’s really about is giving Tom the opportunity to do things that a man of his age (which, full disclosure, is the same age as me) really should not be doing, namely:

  • hanging off planes
  • jumping from a great height
  • holding his breath underwater for an unfeasibly long time
  • climbing things
  • driving dangerously
  • riding very fast motorbikes without a helmet
  • running; lots of running

But on the other hand he does make fun of himself, looks his age and doesn’t end up snogging the lead female character who is significantly younger than him.

I really liked Rebecca Ferguson, she was reasonably complex, just as good as the IMF guys and took charge at some key moments. Simon Pegg was great as Benjy but I’m still not sure about Jeremy Renner. And good to see Ving Rhames again though he was definitely underused.

So great fun, a good couple of hours’ entertainment and there will almost certainly be another film in the franchise. But whatever you do please don’t base getting around London on what you see here; there is no way you can get on foot from the Tower of London to Temple that quickly 😀