03_SPTNK_B1_Reflection_English-600x857What’s it all about?

Political interference in the Avengers’ activities causes a rift between former allies Captain America and Iron Man.

Why did I want to see it?

Quite simply because I love the Avengers, and the Captain America films have been amongst the best. there was no way I wasn’t going to see it.

What did I think of it?

Adored it. A couple of reviewers felt that it was baggy and too long, but I didn’t feel that way at all, my attention never flagged and I enjoyed the whole experience.

I thought the difference of opinion between Captain America and Iron Man made sense, and the trigger for the move to put some sort of oversight in place was the collateral damage we’ve seen in other MCU movies, this time a newer member of the team still developing their expertise in the field. I could go on about the plot a bit more but to be honest the delight in this film is the development of existing characters, the introduction of new ones and the set up for future films. So instead, here are my Top Ten favourite things about CA:CW

  1. The female characters are awesome; Scarlet Witch is turning out to be one of my absolute favourites, and Black Widow continues to be a voice of reason and to a certain extent the moral centre of the group
  2. Vision’s collection of casual wear
  3. Everything that Antman was – fanboying over Cap when he first meets him, what he gets up to during the major airport fight scene, all making me excited for his next standalone film
  4. Black Panther – what a cool character; gravitas, dignity and power (and a fabulous costume to boot)
  5. Spiderman – not my favourite Marvel character but this new take on him bodes well for the future; I though Tom Holland did a brilliant job and was engaging and funny
  6. The humour – the could have been a depressing slugfest but there were enough jokes and lighter moments to balance things out. I will never tire of Tony Stark’s sarcasm
  7. Zemo – a complex, believable and I would say sympathetic villain; a nice change from the normal megalomaniac wanting to take over the world
  8. the Bucky/Cap bromance; no-one smoulders like Bucky

I went in team Cap and remained Team Cap but with a better understanding of Team iron Man’s point of view. Looking forward to seeing where this all goes in future films. Beginning to get very excited for Doctor Strange!