d3e98c53b8c7071ae6aabe5d6f6b4fd0I’m catching up on reviews from films seen over the past couple of months, so these may be a little shorter than normal. When I get back into the habit of reviewing within a couple of days of watching then normal service will have been resumed. For now, it’s basically just about what I can remember!

Watched: 30th May 2016

What’s it all about?

Alice returns to the whimsical world of Wonderland and travels back in time to help the Mad Hatter.

Why did I want to see it?

I actually enjoyed the first one quite a bit (and was in the minority for doing so I seem to remember). I was still willing to accept whatever Mr Depp would throw at us and it had a great supporting cast, so although I was a bit surprised that there was a sequel after such a gap I was very keen to see where the story would go next.

What did I think of it?

I liked it. Specifically:

  • Mia Wasikowska, for whom I have real soft spot given Crimson Peak and Stoker and she is a real proper heroic role model for girls in this one
  • Helena Bonham-Carter of course, though there wasn’t enough of her in this
  • Sacha Baron Cohen, a real surprise as I normally find him totally irritating but he made a good sort of villain
  • the visuals – just stunning (to the point of distraction on occasion)

But (and of course there’s a but)

  • lack of a proper villain; both HB-C and SBC’s characters were softened during the course of the film
  • they missed out most of the talking flowers in the garden from the book (I particularly liked the tiger lily); my favourite bit
  • Johnny, Johnny, Johnny. What are we to do with you? The same old schtick.

So on balance pretty good. And anyone who suggests that I might have filled up a tiny wee bit at the tribute to Alan Rickman in the credits would be completely right.