mv5bnzg4mjm2ndq4mv5bml5banbnxkftztgwmzk3mtgyode-_v1_sx214_al_Picking up a year or so after the events of Finding Nemo (but of course actually being released more than ten years after that movie was such a success) Finding Dory concentrates on our favourite forgetful Blue Tang fish as she, well, starts to remember stuff. She heads off to find her long-lost family, and of course can’t do it alone, so takes Marlin and Nemo along with her, this time heading for California rather than Australia.

And of course, there is a lesson to be learned – to quote IMDB (who else)

[…] everyone learns a few things about the real meaning of family along the way

I had intended to see this in the cinema but for some reason we missed it, so when it appeared on the Book God’s Christmas list it seemed a good idea to make sure it was under the tree. As is traditional chez Bride, we watch movies on New Year’s Eve because we are elderly and fuddy-duddy, and we look for a feel-good film to see out the old year. Somehow that got lost and translation and we ended up watching Deadpool, (again; I love that guy) but Dory became our first film of 2017, and a lovely start to the year.

I really enjoyed Finding Dory, largely because of Ellen DeGeneres’ performance, but also because of the new characters it introduced along the way, all of whom, like Dory, were different in some way. So as well as the family thing, there was also the importance of recognising that being different doesn’t mean being weaker or less deserving in some way.

It got a little bit out of control as the big set piece at the end unfolded, but it was a sweet, fun movie which I know we’ll watch again. Not a bad start to the movie-watching year.